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Sammi Wyatt is a proud Nashville native. As the owner of Nashville Hearing Specialists and co-founder of Hush Biomed, she has made significant contributions to the hard of hearing community.


Being a second-generation practitioner, Sammi carries on her family's legacy while establishing herself as a leading authority in the field. With over two decades of clinical experience, she is passionate about her craft, consistently delivering exceptional care and personalized solutions with each hearing aid fitting.


Sammi's expertise has been cultivated through her work in various ENT clinics and private practices, where she has gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by individuals with hearing loss and tinnitus. Her profound understanding and compassionate approach have garnered her a reputation as a trusted professional in her community.


Beyond her clinical work, Sammi Wyatt contributes to the advancement of audiology through her role as a board member of the Tennessee Department of Health and the Hearing Society of Tennessee. In this capacity, she actively participates in shaping policies and initiatives to enhance the accessibility and quality of hearing healthcare services throughout the state.


Passionate about making a difference in the lives of those with hearing loss and tinnitus, Sammi remains dedicated to her mission. Her unwavering commitment to helping individuals achieve better hearing health, combined with her extensive experience and innovative mindset, positions her as a respected leader and advocate in the hearing healthcare community.

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