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Corinne Weston is an Internal Audit Manager for a healthcare company in Nashville, TN. She earned a B.B.A., Accounting and M.A.c.c from Middle Tennessee State University. She is also a licensed C.P.A. She began her career at a small public accounting firm and transitioned into corporate healthcare when she moved to Nashville in 2016. 


Corinne connects to the goals of The Heart of Hearing as she is hard of hearing and uses an aid. She knows the high cost and stigma surrounding the use of aids and strives to raise awareness and reduce the stigma. Corinne loves her aid and being able to better hear the world around her. 


Corinne is a mentor with TNAchieves, guiding high school students towards higher education opportunities. She resides in Nolensville, TN with her husband, children, and pups!

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